Good Life by the Lake words

Welcome to Bemidji, capital of Minnesota's beautiful north woods. Come see why our unlimited
opportunity and outstanding quality of life are no longer a well-kept secret.

Bemidji has long earned raves as a four-season destination for world-class hunting, fishing, bicycling, boating and snow sports. Few visitors can resist a photo with big Paul Bunyan and blue ox Babe on the shore of Lake Bemidji.

But the First City on the Mississippi is also a wonderful place to call home. Just as the 46,000 folks who live and work in and around this big small town. Surrounded by pristine lakes and deep forests, Bemidji is a friendly, family community with rich tradition and the right touch of hipness.

It has top-tier higher education, outstanding K-12 schools, a major health care center, convenient air service, fine dining, a vibrant arts scene and the hottest commercial buzz in all of northern Minnesota.

Bemidji's economy is thriving, thanks to a thoughtful, consistent focus on building one of the Upper Midwest's most high-potential regional centers.

The Bemidji Area Chamber of Commerce is helping to promote business growth and recruitment by joining with area organizations such as Greater Bemidji, Bemidji State University, Bemidji High School and business leaders in the community to join together and make a compelling case for Bemidji as a place to invest and expand.

Branding Bemidji as a community that is following True North and growing in the right direction as a business will help to separate us from the rest. We are stronger together than on our own.

Take a step towards True North and grow in the right direction with us.

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