Economic Development


Business in Bemidji - What’s our secret?

We take an integrated approach to economic development with strategies to create a competitive advantage over other similar communities. We know that great quality of place must be teamed with a well-educated labor force, affordable housing, access to technology, training and reliable transportation. The Bemidji area provides a broad array of support for entrepreneurs and expanding businesses. The history of collaboration in Bemidji includes financial institutions, educational institutions, and economic development organizations in partnership with private business, and local, state, and federal governments.

"After comparing and researching the candidate cities, Bemidji emerged as the top choice, meeting or exceeding our criteria. The commitment and support we received from the local community, civic and business leaders were very influential in AmeriPride's decision to locate in Bemidji. Based on our experience and results, I would encourage and recommend any organization looking to expand or locate an office in the upper Midwest to give serious consideration to Bemidji. You'll find a welcoming, vibrant business community, committed to helping your business succeed."

-Dave Rotman  Director, Program Manager; AmeriPride Services, Inc.

Links to assist you in your business plans and decisions:

Northwest Minnesota Foundation

Headwaters Regional Development Commission

NW Small Business Development

Bemidji State University 360

Greater Bemidji

Bemidji City Sales Tax Report

South Shore Bemidji

Minnesota Business Finance 

Bemidji Chamber Finance Page (Business Directory)

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