Testimonials from our Members:

Leech Lake B & B

'The Leech Lake B&B is just north of Walker.  We joined your organization six months ago.  To date we have received new bookings worth 3 to 4 times the cost of memership.  Thanks for all you do.'

- Gary & Sandra Davis: Owners of Leech Lake B&B

Northwoods Landscaping and Recreation Inc.

'We have been members of the Bemidji Area Chamber of Commerce for approximately 10 years. We joined the Chamber of Commerce as a new company because we felt it would make our business more professional and we would get invovled in the community and meet other important business owners. The Chamber is awesome and has helped us by giving us the exposure and visibility we had wanted. Networking with other professionals in the community is a must and we were so lucky to win this year's Chamber of Commerce Award of Excellence, Entrepreneur of the Year. We were so suprised and honored by this award. Our business has definitely gained by being a member of the Chamber.

We believe our business would not have been as successful without the Chamber of Commerce, we are so lucky to have such a professional and hard working Chamber of Commerce here in Bemidji.'

-John and Scott Winter

Fieldstone Financial
Colleen Falk

Security Bank USA
Scott Turn

Marco, Inc.
Cory Gish
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